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Custom Shop / Kickstarter FAQ

When are items in the Custom Shop expected to ship?

Here is the tentative shipping schedule for Kickstarter Orders:

  • Crescent Twilight Wand: Late November 2018
  • Saturnine Scepter: Late November 2018
  • Crescent Twilight Earrings: Late December 2018
  • Seraph Soar Staff/Wings: Late December 2018
  • Starlight Glaive: Mid January 2019
  • Stellar Staff: Mid February 2019
  • Stellar Staff Earrings: Mid February 2019
  • Senshi Tiara Bracelet: Mid February 2019
  • Kitty Balloon Earrings: Late December 2018
  • Kitty Balloon Necklace: Late December 2018
  • Floating Kitty Necklace: Late December 2018
  • Up, Up and Away Alpaca Necklace: Late December 2018

All other Pre-Order customers will have their order shipped the following month after Kickstarter Backer's rewards are shipped.

When will my order ship?

Your order will ship once all the items in your order are in stock and ready to ship. Please see the timelime above for approximate ship dates. Those who supported our Kickstarter will have their orders shipped first.

If you have ordered multiple items and would like to receive them sooner, during checkout there is an option to split your order into two shipments. For example we can ship all the items released in 2018 at the end of December (or sooner depending on the items ordered) and the remaining items in February/March.

How long do I have to place my Kickstarter order?

To avoid any additional delays with us fulfilling your order please place your order as soon as possible. We kindly ask all Kickstarter backers to finalize their orders by October 1st.

The Gift Certificate I received is less than my Kickstarter pledge, why?!

Our Kickstarter campaign was in CAD (Canadian dollars), and our online store pricing is in USD. Each backer will receive a gift certificate in USD that covers the pre-order prices of the items in their reward tier.

If you feel your gift certificate does not match up with your Kickstarter pledge please contact us and we'll be happy to help! Each gift certificate was generated manually so human error is possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Will I receive this in time for the holidays?

We will do our best to ship as many orders as possible by Christmas, but we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas. The manufacturing of Stainless steel is a somewhat long and complex process. Sometimes delays occur and items may need to be recast and/or replated. We will not sacrifice quality for time ^^

Do you have X crystal color?

All available crystal colors and plating options are available on the product page.

We've done our best to offer as many colors as possible. Please note that Swarovski does not make all colors in each crystal size/style. Hence the availability of colors varies between sizes and styles.

What material are these items made from?

Items are either made from plated Stainless Steel, Brass or Sterling Silver. Please see the product page for specific product information.

Will the plating color fade over time?

Items are plated using a vacuum plating process which is more durable than other techniques used in costume jewelry manufacturing. All plated jewelry has the ability to fade over time but with proper care you can keep your jewelry sparkling for several years. To extend the life of your plated jewelry avoid bathing, swimming, heavy exercise and any other strenuous activities that may cause damage to your jewelry.

How do I care for this jewelry?

All orders will come with either a microfiber or silver polishing cloth. Use the enclosed cloth to wipe away dirt. Do not use any chemicals or jewelry cleaners as these may damage the surface finish of the jewelry.

Take care not to knock or drop your jewelry. This may cause damage to the Swarovski Crystals.

Remove jewelry prior to sleeping, bathing, swimming, exercising and any other activities where the jewelry may have prolonged exposure to water and/or perspiration.

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