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Spectral Prism Compact LED Necklace

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Please Note: This item is made to order and will ship in 4-6 weeks.


PLEASE NOTE:  This item takes 2-3 weeks for us to make. 

After many months of development, this LED illuminated pendant is finally here! The LED inside shines through a clear center Swarovski crystal which sparkles and refracts the light with incredible luster while illuminating the rest of the pendant in a colored glow. The pendant features a button on the reverse side which allows for switching modes, adjusting brightness, and triggering sleep mode.

A single press will cycle through a number of included color modes: Rainbow, Rainbow Sparkle, Fast Rainbow, Rainbow Pulse, Random Pulse, And a number of solid color slow pulse modes, including: White, Red, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Indigo, Blue, Sky, Teal, Aqua, Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange. The wide selection of color modes allow it to be easily matched with most outfits.

Double pressing the button adjusts the brightness to one of 5 different levels, and holding the button puts it in a low power sleep mode. In order to save power, the pendant will also automatically go to sleep mode after 30 minutes, and can be woken up with a single button press.

The pendant houses a removable, Kumacrafts custom designed, programmed, hand etched, and hand assembled LED PCB board. The board takes 2x CR2016 coin cell batteries and sits snugly locked inside the pendant. The board is held in by a back cover which is secured by a set of magnets which are very hard to remove accidentally, while allowing quick access to the tiny board inside to easily swap out the batteries. A fresh set of batteries should provide between 5-8 hours of active use time depending on modes and brightness, after which the colors might stop being accurate. While the low power sleep mode has almost no impact on battery drain, it is recommended that batteries be taken out of the pendant if it won't see use for a week or longer.

The body of the pendant is around 2" (50mm) tall, 1-3/4" (45mm) wide and 1/2" (12mm) thick with the bow and centre crystal protruding an additional 1/4". Your purchase comes with 2 sets of batteries.

Comes with a rhodium plated brass chain 24" (60cm) in length with a 2" (5cm) extender.

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